When we started crowdsalad in 2018, in addition to studying and training, we never expected it to develop into such a great passion. It all started with the idea of ​​spelling out the love of music - that's how we gathered our closest friends and founded an online magazine. From the very beginning, everyone was able to contribute their talents and inclinations here - whether it was photography, design, writing or organizing. We quickly realized that our dedication is also perceived and valued from the outside. So we were able to realize our first big dream of a print edition. Over time, it became clear to us that we want to focus primarily on supporting newcomer bands. We have always been enthusiastic about the dedication and passion that new bands are showing, and we see it as absolutely worthy of support, especially to promote youth and culture. That is why we came up with other projects in addition to the magazine, so the first edition of the Crowdsalat Festival started in 2019. The festival was an event that gave local bands the opportunity to share the stage with international acts. Since the event went so well, the festival will be held every year from now on and the planning is already in full swing. In 2019, we were able to donate € 2,000 to the Hardcore Help Foundation through our success. We also offer artists, photoshoots and video shoots for little money, so that, in addition to the music, they also make a good visual impression.


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The own festival: In addition to the publication of our print edition, it was probably THE big dream of each of us. So rent the event hall, ask for bands and - let's go! Well, of course it was not that easy, organizing our first event of this size was of course associated with a number of hurdles. But that didn't stop us from fulfilling our dream and in the end the festival was a complete success! From noon to midnight, our visitors could watch a handful of the best bands that the local scene has to offer and listen to some up-and-coming international musicians, collect memories in the photo box, enjoy vegan and non-vegan fast food variety and some talented ones Examine fashion designers and shop for clothes. Our festival was so well received that we were able to donate 2,000 euros to the Hardcore Help Foundation! Finally, our booking agency was added - here, especially as we were able to establish good contacts in all directions over time, we have the opportunity to take over the booking stress of the bands and have been doing our best ever since to organize concerts , as well as to accommodate our bands at existing shows and festivals. So what exactly is crow salad? Our hearts beat for music, as well as the fight for social justice and the promotion of young talent.



Since February we have founded our own fashion label under “Flowers And You”. The name not only refers to the song of the same name by the band “Touché Amoré”, but is also intended to illustrate what we want to do. We want to establish the label as a sustainable, environmentally friendly and fair label, because these values ​​are very important not only to us, but also to many people from the scene. Unfortunately, this is only possible in small steps, because apart from the other expenses and donations that we have made, there is often not much left. Therefore we need your help! We also want “Flowers And You” to make our finished garments all “Handmade with Love”. So we can always implement our wishes and ideas appropriately.





The beginning of something big! It all started with our first online edition. Our dreams were slowly becoming more real here!


The next big step was the publication of our first printed edition. 1000 pieces were gone faster than we thought!


Our first stand at the Pell-Mell Festival was very special. There we organized an autograph session with the "big bands"!


Since the festival we have been contracting bands and booking them, planning concerts and festivals.


So far, this has been our greatest sense of achievement. We still get goose bumps when we think back to the days.


I remember how excited we were when State Champs suddenly appeared in front of us and roared "crowdsalat".


A dream for our designer, in particular, that we could fulfill! And it is so well received!




Unfortunately, we also had to reschedule and restructure a lot through Corona. Our second big festival is canceled, there are no planned concerts, interviews and video shoots are difficult. It's a shame, of course, but it gave us time to figure out what we want for the future of crowdsalad. But what is it and where do we see each other? We have already reached many milestones. What else is there to come? The “Crowdsalat Store” is very big on our bucket list. The most important thing for us, of course, is that we can work together. A nice team office with enough workplaces but also enough space to receive customers and show you our everyday life. A small photo / video studio should be connected to the team office. Band shoot for the next crowdsalat magazine cover, interviews and much more should be super feasible here! Of course, a warehouse should not be missing. The printing and embroidery work should also be feasible there, because, as already mentioned above, we want to offer everything from a single source.


Spacy Office

In addition to the office and studio, a big thing should not be missing. The Crowdsalat Store! A small business by browsing through some of our products. Magazines, Flowers And You products, CDs and vinyls from bands and much more! We already have an automatic gripper where you can get hold of a treasure or two. It would also look great in the store! We want to offer a space where musicians and music enthusiasts feel welcome, where we can talk about everything and work together - where you can always meet new and interesting stories. It shouldn't be a "normal shop". It should be a place where you can sit down and listen to music, because that's what we love. In our store there should be seating: There should be music that is known and popular in the scene, but also music that can be rediscovered.

How do we want to achieve this? There are a lot of hurdles we have to overcome, a lot of things we have to buy and a lot of work to be done. But that has never stopped us. In addition to training and studying, we managed to achieve so much. We had little time and money, but achieved so much! This not only makes us extremely proud, it also motivates us. Now that depends on the majority of us in a full-time job - constantly dreaming about how to make money with what you burn for. In order to achieve the dream as quickly as possible, we need your support! The list of things needed is long, but every little thing can help us. Of course, this does not happen without consideration! Below is a list of what we can do for you! Now that depends on the majority of us in a full-time job - constantly dreaming about how to make money with what you burn for. In order to achieve the dream as quickly as possible, we need your support! The list of things needed is long, but every little thing can help us. Of course, this does not happen without consideration! Below is a list of what we can do for you!

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Crowdsalat is passionate about promoting the music scene, art and youth. There are many ways to present your company in different ways. Whether on our website, social media platforms or in our magazine - you will find something suitable with us. Through targeted advertising at large festivals, small concerts and also on the Internet, we create a large reach for you in both the national and international areas. To get an overview, we have put together a number of offers for you.









In addition to advertising, we would also like to offer you services such as video shoots, photo shoots, merchandising and designs free of charge if so desiredt

This is how you can support us

There is a lot we need to start our own business. Every little thing would help us!


We would be very happy to receive financial support!


Unfortunately, the list of things we need is very long. Therefore we hope for your support!

General: Office space, warehouse, shop, alarm system, gadgets for the gripping machines (giveaways, plush, etc.)


Office equipment: Printer, toner, whiteboard, writing utensils, screens, powerful computers, keyboard, mouse, telephone, paper, punch, cutting machine, server, desks, couch, desk chairs, cupboards, etc.

Studio equipment: Soft boxes, lights, stands, backgrounds, etc.

Storage facility: Shelves, embroidery machine (Brother VR), embroidery frame, embroidery software, embroidery machine yarn, boxes for storage, digital printing machine, screen printing machine, color, etc.

Store setup: Clothes rack, cash register / cash register system, shelves, hangers, couch, carpet, changing rooms, showcases, etc.

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