SPIRITBOX release new Single "Circle With Me"

No other band is currently as hyped as the Canadian band "Spiritbox". With their release "Circle With Me" they are releasing a brand new song that already garnered over 1,500 comments and almost 100,000 views on YouTube alone within a few hours.

"Circle With Me" was written at the last minute in the studio. It captures the range of emotions I've felt about my music lately. From the fear of screwing it up to the confidence that I'm feeling We wanted to visually present the viewer with the image of ourselves that we miss the most: ourselves on stage, with nothing to hide behind: instruments, a few lights and a nice tracking shot. "- Singer Courtney LaPlante

For fans, this information is definitely a little ray of hope at this time: In addition to some festival commitments, such as Rock Am Ring and co. A debut album was also confirmed to be released this year!

Photo: Travis Sinn

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