IMMINENCE release new single "Temptation"

Hardly any band has been able to keep up with the indescribable and incomparable aesthetics of Imminence. Now the band from Sweden has released another single with a video, which sets the bar almost unattainably high.

Not only musically, the band takes us on a dramatic journey, the immense and artistic storytelling in the music video underlines the colossal and emotional sound of the band.

Two years after the release of the "Game Changer" "Turn The Light On: Deluxe Edition", which catapulted IMMINENCE from a promising newcomer to an established headlining act, 'Temptation' is the first new and, above all, heavier single that the band is releasing.

"Releasing Temptation is a statement. It’s a huge contrast to our recent, acoustic era, and we want to show that we can do what we want, when we want and how we want. No one can ever predict the next step from us, not even ourselves.” - Harald Barrett

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